No one wants to be told what to do, but when it comes to good health and posture, strive to recall the shrill in your parent’s voice whenever they reminded you to sit or stand upright everytime they found you slouching in front of the TV. Slouching might seem like the go-to couch potato position, but it is just as unhealthy as smoking. It might be easier to sink into– after all, little to no effort is exerted when you slouch, but keeping a bad posture at work can actually be detrimental to your health.


Good posture is not just something you would encourage a child; it is a habit everyone, regardless of age, has to maintain everytime they study, work, or go about their leisure activities.


Don’t wait for your parents to yell at you. If you’ve always wanted to perform better at work, and to keep your creative juices flowing without fail, apply proper posture in just about anything you do.


Why Bother?


Sitting upright or standing straight is only difficult because we’ve gotten used to exerting very little effort with regards to our posture. If your life is tied to the ticking of the bundy clock, and all you think about– day in and day out– are the results you bring to your office, the manner in which you sit or stand might be the last thing on your mind. This might surprise you, but the manner in which you sit or stand at work can actually influence your results at work.


Good posture is not just a concept related to how you present yourself. It has physiological, mental, and emotional effects, as well. Maintaining a proper posture at work allows you to perform better mainly because it keeps different little bodily discomforts at bay. It might seem like a simple thing to do, but it is backed by well-studied scientific explanations.


“I Simply Can’t Do it!”


If you find it difficult to get your upper body to at a proper, symmetrical angle, what you need are “little helpers”– as Mr. Rogers puts it– to help you acquire the right body posture. Many companies have improved their results by introducing these “little helpers” to their offices.


Ergonomic solutions are probably the most ingenious office inventions created next to the clicker pen. When you feel you can’t maintain your proper standing posture any longer, ergonomic comfort floor maps – , for one, can minimize the pressure on your feet, thighs, and calves, so you are safely cushioned from the effects of excessive standing. Fatigue around the feet is a real condition that can lead to discomfort around the legs and spine when ignored.


For heavy computer users, designers, analysts, or business managers who are constantly drowning in paperwork and decisions, the best addition to your office would be a portable desk that can turn your table into a standing desk whenever you desire a little variety. Switching up your work positions from time to time can do a world of difference to your health and posture. One way to maximize your current and bland office set-up is to prop an ergonomic standing desk converter – on your table from time to time.


Start Today


The sooner you start with your journey to sitting less and sitting better, the sooner you should be able to feel improvements in your mood, productivity, and quality of living. Don’t wait until you are made immobile by unhealthy postures and work positions when you finally make the switch. As early as now, apply these little changes in your life so you can start enjoying betters at work, at home, with your friends and family.


The results of ergonomics and good posture speak for themselves. Aside from making you feel better, good posture makes you look better, as well. Standing and sitting up straight instantly improves your appearance, and naturally, how people perceive you. It does not matter whether you’ve put on a thousand dollar suit, or an attire that was passed down from every generation in your family, the way you sit or stand sends a message about your personality more effectively than fashion can.


As the saying goes, first impressions last. The only message that slumped shoulders and a slouching back gives off is that you are unprepared to meet someone or that you lack confidence. In the corporate world, making any of these shortcomings obvious may be likened being a hare in a cage full of tigers. There is a reason why movie stars, politicians, and other personalities of extreme authority tend to puff up their chests or pull their shoulders back when meeting with the press or their supporters. As in nature, people who look larger, bigger, and confident are often held to a higher degree of respect than those who look like they can be easily overpowered.


Visually, a bad slouch adds pounds to your body and cheeks. No matter how healthy you feel you are, poor posture will always make you look more scruffy than usual. Good posture, on the other, will add inches to your height, visually, and even physically.


Beyond that, good posture can also improve your concentration, your circulation and digestion, as well as minimize the effects of fatigue and depression.


Now that the secret’s out, it would be unwise to ignore the power of good posture any longer. That being said, make little changes to your daily habits today.