Everyone knows “work” happens in a busy office– but you can workout in it too. If you are gym rat who wants to bring your favorite activity in the world into the confines of your workspace or a workaholic who has had enough of the sedentary lifestyle, what you can do is to gradually introduce more physical movement into your routine everyday.


Alternatively, if you are simply tired of being tired, or if you have long been suffering from severe bouts of creativity blocks because of the nature of your work and your lack of physical activity, some office workouts can set you back to your creative course little by little.


Say Goodbye to Your 5-Day Cardio


There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a fixed exercise routine, but your favorite 5-day cardio workout may not be cutting it. According to researchers, the all-too commonly recommended 30-minute gym cardio workout may not be enough to protect you from the accelerated effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Worse, all a 30-minute cardio does is to get your muscles warm enough, but it brings no significant benefits that could potentially undo the negative effects of a stressful lifestyle.


If you still have those 30-minute exercise DVD’s lying around, it’s time to bid them goodbye. No matter how difficult or time consuming, the most effective results come out of exercise routines that go beyond 30 minutes, or from little movements that occur as regularly and consistently throughout the day. This is not to suggest that you should leave your corporate life behind and turn into a gym rat. What this means, however, is that if you decide to add some physical activity into your daily routine, it should consume a great deal of your day.


So, while you may be saying goodbye to a fixed 30-minute workout, you are very much encouraged to replace this routine with stretches in between office meetings, office aerobics or yoga, and more walks to and fro other offices or destinations. Alternatively, consider switching up your work positions so you can keep your body from slumping back into a sedentary lifestyle.


Anywhere is a Gym if You Try Hard Enough


If you are brave enough, you can turn just about any office furniture into your own gym equipment. Or, if you are creative enough, you can also get most of your physical exercise from your office rather than the gym. Your office is designed to be a magical place: although it is covered in printers, frantic co-workers, and unfiled documents, there is so much you can do; you just need to learn how to use common office furniture for your workout.


The stairs, for starters, is a great place to train your buttocks and stretch your legs and calves. Dump the elevator trip everyday, and take the stairs instead. If you want to do some high stretches, skip one step every time you take the stairs to an upper floor. Don’t attempt this when going down, however, since that can cause you to slip and fall.


If you’ve gotten to that part of your day where another mug of coffee seems like a good idea, stop thinking about the beans immediately. Stand up, move away from your seat, loosen up your tie and jog in place. Alternatively, brisk walk around your office, corridor, or floor to shake off the feeling of exhaustion and sleepiness. Sometimes, when you feel tired at work, it’s not because your body thinks it’s bedtime; it’s because limited body movement has caused your veins to slow down the delivery of red blood cells into your nervous system. When there’s not enough oxygen distributed throughout your body, your system takes this as a hint that you are tired and could use a few winks. Get over the feeling by moving, jogging, and stretching.


Bring in the Big Guns


If you feel you’ll be needing a little help to keep your body in constant and consistent movement, what you can do is to introduce simple ergonomic furniture to your office so you can instantly find a more comfortable position to work in whenever you feel like making a switch. These ergonomic furniture can do more than help you maintain good posture and work habits; consistent use of ergonomic furniture can ease any discomforts you may have been experiencing due to your sedentary lifestyle.


One effective ergonomic equipment that most corporate offices have today is a programmable ergonomic desk – http://anthrodesk.ca/programmable-desk-config.html that can turn into a low table or a standing table, depending on the user’s preference. This is particularly useful for programmers, designers, and other creatives who spend most of their time in front of a desk.


When you’ve chosen to work standing up, it’s also important to protect your feet from the pressure of your weight. If you are looking towards a long day of standing ahead, what you can do is to protect your feet with an ergonomic floor mat – http://anthrodesk.ca/accessories/ergonomic-anti-fatigue-mat.html. Specifically designed to pair up with a standing desk, an ergonomic floor mat answers feet discomforts directly.


No Exercise? No Problem!


If your schedule says there’s not a lot of room for walking around and jogging today, don’t fret. You can always catch up with your missed exercise some other day. However, make sure that you are protecting your body from common workplace stress injuries by maintaining good posture as you work.


Although simple to do, maintaining a good posture can already wonders to your body. Couple that with a consistent workout schedule, and you might never have to worry about body stress your entire life!