Believe it or not, the only thing that’s keeping you from enjoying better workdays, improved concentration, and increased productivity is one simple move. Of course, other habits such as consistently maintaining an exercise schedule and eating healthy have their effects on your body but ensuring that you maintain a comfortable position, or posture, aids in your everyday performance at work.

The manner in which you sit or stand can have its positive effects on your creativity and output. If you want to change your life, start by simply sitting or standing up.

Emotional, Physical and Mental Effects of Good Posture

Who knew that one simple movement or action can trigger a chain reaction of positive emotional, mental, and physical effects on your body? Many adults have underestimated the power of a well-positioned spine, which is surprising because sitting and standing up straight are two physical lessons often taught by parents and teachers.

However, if you need more convincing to maintain proper posture in everything you do, here are just a few known positive effects of good posture.


Increased Energy and Happiness

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Many have called the habit of standing or sitting up straight as an instant happy pill– and guess what, it’s true! This single move of sitting on your seat in a manner that renders your spine straight right away “awakens” your sleepy, or tired body. Switching to a good posture when you catch yourself slumping before your table also sets a quick bolt of energy through your body, effectively reenergizing you for a split second.

The reason why you may feel tired and fatigued at work may also be credited to your bad posture. Although it may look easy to do, slouching actually weighs heavily on your body while causing strains and stress on the spine. This, in turn, causes you to feel more tired, heavy, and in many instances irritable. The discomfort this produces further affects your work. If you have been suffering from decreased productivity, this could be a potential cause.

You can change all that, however, just by sitting back and allowing your muscles to relax while keeping your spine straight. Sounds easy, right?Unfortunately for many people, maintaining a good body posture can be difficult. If this resonates with your experience, you may need to utilize ergonomic equipment like programmable standing desks to help you switch up your work positions and minimize the pressure on your spine.

Actual research has actually looked into posture and fatigue, and a study concluded that those who experience fatigue, depression, and severe stress tend to feel better when they keep their back upright when working in a seated position. The results also returned positive outcomes, such as those who experience anxiety at work tend to feel it less with a little posture improvement.

For people with depression, a slouching back can exacerbate existing symptoms that may be affecting their mental health. While an upright sitting or standing position does not eliminate their mental health issues entirely, it has influenced a more positive outlook and increased energy levels.


Be a Better Version of Yourself

If you want to look or seem more confident, or perhaps project a more confident personality, the way you present yourself matters. In this case, keeping your shoulders back and your spine straight and aligned will make you look more confident, comfortable in your own skin, and trustworthy.This look is particularly helpful if you are going on a date, or if you want to score high on a job interview. If you are meeting new people, you might want to make sure that you open your introductions with a good impression. In psychology, individuals who present themselves with a slouched back tend to look tired, disinterested, and in many instances, unwelcoming. This might not be the version you’d like people to see, especially if the people you meet can influence your career trajectory.

But, of course, an upright spine will not only make you look friendlier and more accommodating, you will also feel positive emotions from this single posture change. An aligned spine somehow sets off positive emotions to flow through, and this can translate to a happier demeanor.


How to Stand or Sit Upright

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Standing or sitting up straight seems easy enough of an instruction to follow, but still, many people– including adults– fail at presenting themselves to the world with a good posture. If you want to make sure you are seated correctly, make sure your buttocks are firmly planted on your seat, your feet are flat on the ground or are set on an ergonomic mat with a healthy angle, and that your shoulder blades touch the backrest of your seat. If your spine touches the backrest instead of your shoulders, this posture is not entirely correct, but you are not far from the correct angle.

It may be difficult the first few times, but maintaining a good posture is very attainable and healthy. With repeated practice, you should be able to make it an easy habit to perform.