If you are wondering why you may feel more sluggish than ever or why you feel like you would rather do a task given to you today at a later time, don’t be surprised: it’s summer, and the summer slump is a real phenomenon that many people deal with and suffer from.

Fortunately, like most moods, summer slumps can be overcome in a variety of ways, including one that might be deemed unusual: taking more breaks. Who knew having more breaks could impact productivity?

According to an analysis published in the Atlantic, having more breaks can be better for the ever-overthinking brain. Naturally, busier minds tend to get distracted easily, and too much work can also stress you out. So far, all of these are basic knowledge, but why are vacations highly encouraged for those who seem to have a lot to worry about?

The keyword here is to free yourself from what worries so you can refocus, rest, re-energize, and think better. Sometimes, breaks are extremely necessary if you have so much to do but have little sorted out. The time off, or the time away, can help you refocus on the task at hand, and even jumpstart your creativity so you can think for better solutions.

Two women relaxing at a beach

Apart from stepping out of the office when you have had too much to do, switching up your work position with the help of a converter desk can re-energize a busy mind.

Furthermore, if you’ve already planned a vacation for the summer season but had to call it off to deal with more work, you are only setting yourself up for trouble. Many individuals admit to daydreaming about the vacation they could have enjoyed had they decided to refuse more work. This can be distracting and could affect your productivity immensely.


Dealing with Summer Slumps

Experiencing a slump during the summer season might seem ironic: how can someone feel so sluggish and weak during some of the liveliest and most active seasons? Shouldn’t the summer season be the most motivational time throughout the year? For some individuals, this is barely true.

The answer lies in the weather and in the environment. The hotter it is, the more uncomfortable it may be for your body. Discomforts caused by the weather can manifest in many ways; the most common of which is a general lethargic feeling. The heat can weight you down, and cause you to seek a safe, quiet, and cool refuge. When this is all you are thinking about under the warm weather, you will only focus on the desire to have a vacation even more.

Then what is the best way to deal with a summer slump? Not to sound too cliché, but listen to your heart.

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Do you find yourself thinking about several ways to escape from your busy office? Do you desperately want to relax and just focus on feeling better rather than dealing with the paperwork at your workplace? The best way to deal with a summer slump is to leave your office for a few days and catch some rest and relaxation.

If your office knows how to schedule vacations among employees, getting one shouldn’t be a problem. Well-established internal communications should suffice in telling you whether it’s a good time to leave work momentarily and go on a relaxing trip.

And if an opportunity is available for you to go on a trip, don’t hesitate: take it!