If you haven’t met the right people in your coworking hub, or learned at least one new thing from someone you cowork with, you may be wasting your coworking hub membership. Coworking hubs are great places work, learn, and grow in, but their rising popularity has also made them an expensive environment to be in. If you feel your coworking hub is less of a hub and more of a rented space that’s only draining your money and energy, you may need to utilize some hacks to maximize your membership. Don’t worry, it’s legal!


Are You in the Right Environment?

If you want to make the most out of your coworking hub membership, it’s important to know where to go first.

All that glitters may not always be gold. Some coworking hubs, with their shiny tabletops and glass windows, may not be the right environment for you to grow and incubate your ideas in. However, there is a coworking hub that is right for your personality, plans, and work behaviour– you just have to find it. To find the right hub, you need to look around and observe the coworking hubs in your area.

Since coworking hubs are no different from offices and other establishments, read about them on Yelp or Facebook. Read the reviews carefully and find out if your coworking hub of choice offers a conducive workspace populated by comfortable workstations, standing desks (or standing L-desks) for when you want to work while standing, or laptop desks for when you would like to lounge on a couch as you work.

Woman working at an office

Coworking at Hub Vilnius

Find out if they have ergonomic equipment so you will always have the choice to work in ways that you would find comfortable. Without these, you may not enjoy your work time there while non-ergonomic work desks could affect your productivity. Bear in mind that a coworking hub should be a place where your ideas can grow healthily, but when your environment does not offer you healthy work options, you may not thrive there.


All Work, No Play?

Coworking hubs operate on the idea that ideas incubate best when it is in the right working environment. A coworking hub offers opportunities to socialize and collaborate with other like-minded individuals, so it would definitely benefit you if you make use of these opportunities. Get to know the people you are working with and find out how they can possibly assist you in your personal goals. Ask yourself if you would benefit from the ideas of an App Engineer working on the same desk as you. Perhaps you might need the financial insights of an accountant who shares your 8 AM table. The other minds in your coworking hub can assist you in the development of your own ideas, so allow them to help you.

That being said, the second most effective way to make the most out of your coworking hub membership is to tap the talents who surround you. If you can’t find the right person to approach, review step number 1. If you feel you are not in the right environment, redo your search.


Participate in the Community

Of course, coworking hubs are not just meant to benefit you; you need to contribute to the community so others may benefit from your expertise too. Participation is also another way to hone your existing talents and skills. It allows you to put your training and knowledge about a particular subject into practice. Enough participation also allows you to get your name out there. Through your coworking hub membership, you can set a reputation for yourself, or get more clients by helping out your community with endeavours they may have very minimal experience with.

Even if your coworking hub is only hosting a yoga lesson this week, participate in the event anyway. Besides, a little workout will do you good, and make you a more visible face in your community.

Never forget the community factor in coworking hubs. Through your participation, presence, and outreach, you could gain new clients, potential co-founders, and most importantly, lifelong friends.

A group of people interacting with each other and creating new relationships

Creating New Relationships

Make Your Hub a Launching Pad

No one wants to stay in a coworking hub forever. Eventually, you would want to move into your own spanking office, where you get to set your own rules. Never forget what a coworking hub essentially is: a community of other remote workers, entrepreneurs, and young professionals who simply do not have, or want, a fixed office space. You are basically surrounded by extremely talented people who simply do not want to be bound to a fixed desk or a bundy clock. Make your coworking hub membership a launching pad to better opportunities.

Participating in your community opens up doors into better collaborations, training, programs, and in most cases, opportunities. This could be your answer to finally getting your big business idea off the ground and running.