Reading sounds easy enough, but a staggering 26% of adults in America fail to make it a regular activity. Despite the unlimited benefits that come with reading and learning, many individuals across the globe, especially those who belong to leading industries, invest their time and effort in acquiring new information. Apart from the acquisition of new information, reading also carries with it benefits that manifest physically and emotionally.


Reading Promotes a Longer Lifespan

Who knew that a mental activity like reading, could result in a physical health benefit, such as longer lifespans?

The explanation is somewhat easy to follow. Naturally, individuals who read more often develop their cognitive skills better. Barring from natural causes of death, individuals with better cognition tend to have a better judgment of their surroundings and can think more actively amidst tense situations. They also tend to grasp ideas more easily, and in some instances, these ideas may aid in human survival.

As a hobby, reading is also safer since it does not require readers to strap on parachutes or expose themselves to dangerous environments. The only issue readers may face with the activity of reading, however, is that it holds them down in sedentary positions. Medically, sitting down for too long or standing up for hours upon end can be detrimental to the spine. In instances like these, readers are highly encouraged to rest their feet on anti-fatigue standing mats or to utilize comfortable and ergonomic seating while they read.

For the best experience, ensure you are reading in a well-lit environment. If this is not possible, make sure to have a desk lamp nearby.

A woman reading in her bed


Reading Encourages Open-mindedness and Creativity

Reading is but one of many gateways to learning, and as readers acquire more knowledge, they grow more open-minded and creative. These two skills can be very necessary and useful in creative and competitive environments.

Any sector across all industries can benefit from having employees who read or enjoy learning. Employees who constantly update themselves can naturally handle and deliver more high-quality work; employees who do not invest in their personal growth might not be able to handle new ideas or concepts.


Even CEOs Love to Read

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos are just a few of the many CEOs and billionaires who have openly expressed their love for reading. Beyond that, they also recommend new materials to read and learn from on their social media accounts.

Nothing shows a deep love for learning than squeezing a reading session in between an individual’s busy work schedule, and these CEOs, joined by many others, have shown exactly that. Not to sound cliché, but if they can do it, so can you.

Start with simple books, even articles. The point here is not to read the thickest and most complex material out there but to continuously want to learn something new, and if your knowledge comes from 500-word articles– hey, that works too!

Reading an article while eating a snack


Succeed More by Reading More

In sum, reading has always brought more benefits and advantages, and no matter how busy you may get in your career or day-to-day endeavours, never turn down the opportunity to read and learn.

Look at it this way: when you read more, you learn more– and eventually, you will stumble upon information that will help you grow your business, do better in your career, and even create something that can propel you to reach greater heights.